Google Launches Automated Discounts Feature for Google Shopping After Extensive Beta Testing

Google has finally released its highly anticipated Automated Discounts for Google Shopping feature. This feature has been meticulously tested and refined in beta for over three years. The fundamental purpose of Automated Discounts is to optimize your conversion rates and save you significant time that would otherwise be spent manually analyzing data to determine the most advantageous discounts.

Set up automated discounts

Detailed information about the beta testing can be accessed here.

Automated discounts aim to increase your conversions and save time manually checking data to find the optimal discount.

Essential Requirements for Accessing the Automated Discounts Feature:

To access automated discounts, you need to meet several prerequisites:

Minimum Weekly Clicks: Your account should typically have at least 1,000 clicks weekly. However, Google allows exceptions, activating the feature for some accounts that fall below this benchmark.

Conversion Tracking: You must have conversion tracking properly configured on your account.

Query String-based Price Adjustments: Your website should be equipped to adjust the product price based on a query string.

Data Feed Submission: You must submit the cost of goods sold (COGS) in your data feed.

New Attributes Unveiled with the Feature:

The Automated Discounts feature introduces an attribute called ‘auto_pricing_min_price‘. You can utilize this attribute to set the minimum discount price for your products and which products can apply the automated discount.

This feature will undeniably serve as a powerful tool in the e-commerce landscape, revolutionizing how merchants identify the optimal discount for their products. Nevertheless, merchants must tread cautiously. While promotions and discounts drive sales, indiscriminate usage could diminish profits rapidly or transform customer purchasing behaviors into a waiting game for the next discount. Therefore, striking a balance between attractive discounts and sustainable profits is critical to making the most out of Google’s Automated Discounts feature.

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Romeo Andrei
4 months ago

what exactly Query String-based Price Adjustments means ?

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