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Emmanuel Flossie Receives Audience Product Expert Certificate


It’s always great to learn something new, after a 7 week Google Partner Audience Product Expert Program, i’m glad to announce I received another certificate. The media team for Google Partners, even noticed my t-shirt!

We covered basics and advanced knowledge such as :

  • Audience Strategy: Inside Google Audience Solutions
  • Understanding Audience Solutions & Remarketing
  • Best practices for Dynamic Remarketing, RLSA & DFSA
  • RLSA Advanced
  • Display Strategy
  • Measurement: How Analytics will improve your Audience Strategy
  • Programmatic

Why Audiences?

Customers are constantly online, up to 150 times per day. These micro moments are all about i want to know, i want to go, i want to do or i want to buy.

By utilizing these moments, allows you to choose who sees your ads and when. By being there at the right moment. Using this knowledge you can cost effectively reach your customers with the right ads.

Audiences allows you to target existing customers (remarketing) and new customers based on specific interests, demographic, similar audiences, buyer intent and keywords.

Throughout the day, customers switch between devices. They might start with a smartphone, than during the day move to a laptop and in the evening use a tablet. Using Audiences allows you to capture there attention on different devices using your’s and Google’s data.

Being a Google Shopping expert, I want to delve deeper in the world of remarketing. Targeting existing customers converts twice as likely than a first time visitor. It is here that it’s extremely important for eCommerce merchants to show there products.

Did you know that over 96% of your visitors leave your website without converting

96 percent leave your website

That 70% abandon the checkout

70 percent abandon checkout

And 49% visit the site 2 to 3 times before converting

49 percent revisit 2 to 3 itmes before converting

You can now imaging how important it is to re target these visitors. Using advanced techniques, we can increase your conversions.

How does remarketing work?

A customer visits your website and leaves a cookie, Google will than use this info and store it in your audience list, when the visitor leaves your website you can begin advertising to this specific visitor.

I increased a clients conversion by 92%, not only is this a massive increase,¬†it doesn’t even end here. Every month we continue to work and use new techniques and better strategies, further increasing his conversions and return of investments.
Google Adwords

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