Demographic Options For Google Shopping

The beta program for creating demographic options will soon be finished and released to the general public.

For a very long time have we sent feedback to Google to have demographic options for Shopping campaigns. Well, we have some good news, Google is currently testing this new feature.



You can exclude demographics from campaigns or ad groups from the following groups.

  • Gender
    • Female
    • Male
    • Unknown
  • Age
    • 18 – 24
    • 25 – 34
    • 35 – 44
    • 45 – 54
    • 55 – 64
    • 65+
    • Unknown
  • Household Income
    • Top 10%
    • 11 – 20%
    • 21 – 30%
    • 31 – 40%
    • 41 – 50%
    • Lower 50%
    • Unknown

More info about these categories can be found in About demographic targeting

Google Ads Shopping Demographics

What Can We Do

We can now create very targeted campaigns. Let’s say you sell an apparel gift pack for men. And we only want to target Women. Now you can by creating a new campaign with the exclusion of Male and Unknown, so that we can target only women. Avoiding wasted budget on placements to users who are Male or Unknown. Greatly increasing your ROAS target.

Or if you sell expensive products, you can target only top 10% of household income.

When Will It Be Released?

Currently, that is unknown.

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