Covid-19 How Is It Affecting Google Shopping Businesses?

This article is not intended for businesses to take advantage of the situation and is more to learn and understand the human behavior of what types of businesses will suffer and which will benefit.

Companies That Are Failing

Are you selling swimwear? An analysis of a UK business has had a hard reality check.

Swimwear Covid-19

Are you selling luxury goods? An analysis of a UK business as with swimwear goods are having a difficult time.

Who Is Succeeding?

Surprisingly, but rather logical when you think about it. Children’s toys are doing very well. As now parents are staying at home, they spend more time with there children.

Childrens Toys

Companies located in other countries such as Hong Kong where the virus has been under control for a few weeks. These Hong Kong companies that are selling in the US, are now succeeding with more sales. This is mainly due to US companies now limiting there spend.

Hong Kong


All non essential goods will suffer during these difficult times. Luxury goods or goods that are associated with being exposed to Covid-19 such as swimming.

Products that are essential or products that are needed to keep your household activities up such as children’s toys will all a big uplift.

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