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Add Google Ads Conversion Tracking To Squarespace

Step 1

Log in to Squarespace and navigate to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection

Squarespace Code Injection

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom when you see Order Confirmation Page, then add the code from step 3 and save.

Step 3

Login to Google Ads and click on the 3dot menu in the top right corner and select Conversions under Measurement column.

Google Adwords Menu Conversions

Click on the big blue plus sign and select website as your tracking template. If you already have an existing one, simply delete it and create a new one.

Then do the following :

  • Conversion name
    • enter any name
  • Category
    • Purchase / Sale
  • Value
    • Use different values for each conversion
  • The rest can be as defaulted

Click on Create and continue

Create your website conversion action

There are two parts, click on download snippet for both the Global site tag and Event snippet

Go back to Squarespace and scroll down until you see Order Confirmation Page (from step 2), at the bottom of this section you will have a field where you can paste code which is labeled.

First past your Global site tag such as the example below (do not use this example, use your own downloaded code snippet)

<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google AdWords: Created By FeedArmy -->
<script async src=""></script>
  window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
  function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
  gtag('js', new Date());

  gtag('config', 'xx-123456789123');

Then right after that, we paste the event snippet, before we do this we need to edit the code. replace the following lines from your downloaded code snippet to the code example below :

  • ‘send_to’: ‘xx-123456789123/lkadsjKDweLK45W’,
    • change this line with your snippet
  • currency
    • change USD to your currency value

Code Example (change the send_to to your code snippet)

  gtag('event', 'conversion', {
      'send_to': 'xx-123456789123/lkadsjKDweLK45W',
      'value': {orderGrandTotal},
      'currency': 'USD',
      'transaction_id': '{orderId}'

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6 thoughts on “Add Google Ads Conversion Tracking To Squarespace”

  1. Samuel David Ayres

    So, this describes how to add conversion tracking to Squarespace for purchases as opposed to forms, button clicks, page loads or the other numerous conversion types.I was told that, if I have the Google Analytics code dropped into the back-end of Squarespace, adding the Global site tag will invalidate that… is that correct? I’m looking to add conversion tracking to some specific page loads.

    1. Emmanuel Flossie

      If you want to track contact forms, you need to setup a more advanced setup with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. You may contact Sqaurespace support for more info or if you like I can help set this up for you. You can contact me [email protected]

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