Fix Missing, Mismatch or Invalid Data [Condition]

Fix Missing, Mismatch or Invalid Data [Condition]

When you get a condition warning, Google tells you a discrepancy has been found in the product structured data you submitted for one or more of your items. The condition attribute (e.g., “new” or “used”) does not align with the submitted data feed information. Because you have opted out of automatic updates, these product offers have not been updated and are currently limited for missing or invalid and disapproved for mismatch.
It’s crucial to provide current and accurate information about your product’s condition. You can choose from three options: new, used, or refurbished.

Brand-New [new]: This item is entirely untouched and sits in its original packaging, ensuring that it has never been used before.
Pre-Owned [used]: This item is not new and has seen prior use. The original packaging may be absent or previously opened.
Certified Refurbished [refurbished]: Though not brand-new, the product has been professionally overhauled to function like new and has a warranty. Original packaging may or may not be included. This is also known as “remanufactured.”

There are two types of warnings you can get:

  • Condition Mismtach Detected [Condition]
  • Missing or Invalid Data [Condition]

Why Am I Getting a Warning?

The specific issue Condition mismatch detected [condition] is caused when Google sees in the title or description that it is used.

For Missing or Invalid Data [Condition] This warning is caused by missing or invalid data on your product landing page (website). Every product landing page must include a structured data set showing the product’s condition. You might say I already have the condition value in my data feed. The warning has nothing to do with the data feed but informs that it is missing from the product landing page.

You might notice that not all products have these warnings because Google only shows the warning when the landing page is crawled. Google does not crawl every page daily; instead, it spreads this out in 30 days.

How To Fix Condition mismatch detected [condition]

Option 1: Update your data feed to ensure the correct condition is added.

Option 2: Use a supplement feed to overwrite the condition attribute.

Option 3: Use feed rules to overwrite the details based on a rule. For example: if title contains used, set condition to used.

Option 4: Manually overwrite the product using the editor within Google Merchant Center.

I have a great article and video detailing how to edit everything.

How To Fix Missing or Invalid Data [Condition]?

If you know a little HTML, you can use the steps below. If you are uncomfortable, choose a tutorial near the bottom of this article, of feel free to reach out.

There are 3 accepted values:

  • NewCondition
  • UsedCondition
  • RefurbishedCondition

Add one of the below condition codes to your product landing page, existing structured data sets. Choose the one that describes the condition of your product.

Within your JSON-LD script add the following line after “@type”:”offer”,

"itemCondition": "",
"itemCondition": "",
"itemCondition": "",

You should see a completed set similar to below and highlighted in bold the condition.

<script type="application/ld+json">
		"@context": "",
		"@id": "https:\/\/\/products\/all-you-need-is-love-and-a-dog-cotton-cushion",
		"@type": "Product",
		"brand": {
			"@type": "Brand",
			"name": "example"
		"sku": "",
		"description": "This \"All you need is Love and a Dog\" throw cushion will make a great addition to your home decor. \nThe design is printed on one side and made from a Cotton Polyester blend, with a concealed zip for easy removal of the cushion cover. \n2 Options Available - Cushion Cover only OR Cushion Cover with Cushion Insert \nColour - Grey\n\nCotton Polyester \nSize - 45cm x 45cm\nHand wash only\n\n",
		"url": "https:\/\/\/products\/all-you-need-is-love-and-a-dog-cotton-cushion",
		"name": "\"All you need is Love and a Dog\" Throw Cushion, Grey","image": "","offers": {
			"@type": "Offer",
			"priceCurrency": "AUD",
			"price": "14.95",
			"itemCondition": "",
			"availability": "",
			"url": "https:\/\/\/products\/all-you-need-is-love-and-a-dog-cotton-cushion",
			"sku": null,
			"seller": {
				"@type": "Organization",
				"name": "example"

Checking The Results

You can use Google’s Rich Results testing tool to check if you have any syntax errors. Syntax errors are issues if you have misspelled a word. The testing tool will not warn you if you have forgotten to add any elements. For example, if you did not add the condition element, the tool will not tell you that you forgot unless required. The below image shows an example of a correct listing.

Google Shopping itemCondition

To test your details, copy your landing page link (address bar URL) and paste it into the field for fetching the URL.

When you have warnings in your diagnostics tab, remember that it takes up to 14 days before they will disappear because Google does not crawl every landing page every day.

Want To Add Complete Coding?

If you want to add the complete set of structured data to your website then read how to add structured data to my website.

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