New Google Shopping Policy Requirements For eBikes

New Google Shopping Policy Requirements For eBikes

Google updated the e-bike policy in March 2023.

Starting from June 2022, Google has announced the requirement to state the maximum speeds an electric bike is capable of.

The previous policy requirement only allowing eBikes with a maximum top speed of 15.5 mph or 25km/h is still in effect. However, now you must state the max capable speed on the product landing page and in the data feed title or description.

If you don’t list the speed as per the requirements, the product violates Google’s policies and will be disapproved.

Some of you might wonder if a merchant chooses to add the max speed in the title if we also need to add it in the short title? I’m currently reaching out to my Google contacts for clarification. And I will update this article when more info is available.

Update (1st June 2022): The max speed does not need to be added to the short title

I first spotted this requirement from Barry Schwartz

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