Google Merchant Center's Latest Metric Addition Click Potential

Google Merchant Center’s Latest Metric Addition: Click Potential

Google Merchant Center has recently introduced a new metric called “click potential.” Based on past traffic metrics and provided product details, this metric allows businesses to see how well their products perform compared to their other products. By providing this new insight, Google aims to help merchants optimize their product listings and improve their overall visibility on Google’s shopping platforms. Although the launch of this new metric has been quiet, it provides businesses with a valuable tool to help them better understand their product performance and make data-driven decisions to improve their performance.

A product’s click potential is based on past traffic metrics and provided product details

Google Merchant Center Click Potential Details

At first glance, the “click potential” metric may seem insignificant. However, the metric’s real value lies in the second part of the sentence – product details.

As shown in the image below, even if a product receives a higher number of clicks, if the product details are of low quality or incomplete, it gets a medium click potential compared to the one with a high click potential. This highlights the importance of providing accurate and detailed product information when listing products on Google’s shopping platforms.

Google Merchant Center Click Potential

It appears that this feature is not yet available on all accounts. However, I anticipate that it will be fully launched in the coming months.

To make the most of Google’s new “click potential” metric, merchants should prepare themselves by fully optimizing their product data feed details. This means ensuring that all product attributes are added and up-to-date. In addition, a common request from merchants is a complete Google Shopping audit, which can help them identify any missing elements and better understand their performance on the platform.

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5 months ago

I am associated with House of party and major of our products in google merchant center shows low click potential, my question is how we can improve click potential? I want to shift my product’s click potential from low to medium/high

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