Are Edits in Google Merchant Center Gone Forever When Deleted

The Curious Case of Editing & Deleted Products, Are Edits Gone Forever In Google Merchant Center?

Blanca Lopez’s question on our Google Ads community is a great one that many e-commerce store owners and marketers may question. When a product is deleted from Google Merchant Center, it’s natural to wonder if any edits made to the product before deletion are still present when the product is re-added.

Blanca asked the question in response to a video that explained the hierarchy of editing product information in Google Merchant Center.

To answer the question depends on how the edits were made. If the edits were made using feed rules or in a supplement feed, they would be reapplied to the product when re-added to the primary feed. However, if the edits were made manually in the Merchant Center’s editor, they will not be restored (as of writing). This underscores the importance of being mindful when deleting products, be it manually or from the primary feed. For example, temporarily out-of-stock products could be kept in the Merchant Center. This ensures that the product data and any edits made to it will still be preserved.

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