Disapproved Missing Color Attribute


Disapproved Missing Color Attribute

If you have landed on this page than you already know you have issues for adding your colors to Google Merchant from eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento etc… In this article I will explain several options to resolve this issue, some easier than others.

Why the error?

As of the 1st September of 2016 all products belonging to the category of Apparel, this includes, watches, belts, t shirts, jewelry, trousers etc… are required to have the following attributes added.

  • Color
  • Age Group
  • Gender
  • Size

Option 1 | Feed Rules

If you have your colors written in the titles, than you can use Google merchant feed rules.

Login to Google Merchant and navigate to Products > Feeds > click on feed name > (Tab) Feed Rules

In this section click on Add Target Attribute and choose color

Feed Rule Color

Click on the radio button next to Create a value based on criteria in a feed field:

Than select title from the select field and contains from the select operator, add the color in the text field. For example blue

Set the value for ‘color’ to, add the value of the color, for example blue.

Click on continue.

If you have more colors to add, click on the +condition and repeat the process.

Google Merchant Rules Add Color From Title

Option 2 | Spreadsheet

If you have less than 50 products, you could create your data feed in a spreadsheet. To find out how to do this check out my other article explaining how to create a spreadsheet data feed.

Option 3 | FeedArmy

The 3rd option is to use my application which you can customise every aspect of the data feed without effecting your website. Simply connect FeedArmy to Shopify, import all your data and edit in bulk, manual or automated. I recommend checking out the feedarmy demo.

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