Your campaigns can't tailor dynamic ads based on user activity when the required parameter doesn't match your feed.

If you get the below quoted message: Fix your audience source that’s sending a required parameter that doesn’t match your feed

Your campaigns can’t tailor dynamic ads based on user activity when the required parameter doesn’t match your feed. Make sure the audience source is sending the required parameter correctly and your feed has the right items.
The values received from your audience source for the required parameter for your business type may be formatted differently than in your feed or missing from your feed. Click “Download” to see the top values received for the required parameter that aren’t matching your feed. Note that Google Analytics refers to parameters for remarketing as Dynamic Attributes. Download
Issue: 99% of id values received in the past day didn’t match your feed

Than there is a high chance you can ignore it.

Why The Warning?

The warning is regarding ecomm_prodid, which is the old remarketing tag parameter for product id’s. When installing the new code which was launched at the beginning of 2020, the parameter for product id’s is simply id. (As shown in the image below.)

Google Ads Remarketing Tag Parameter

How To Validate The Remarketing Tag Is Working?

  1. Go to Google Ads
  2. In the top right corner, click on tools and settings
  3. Choose Audience Manager under the shared library section
  4. From the left hand menu choose Audience source
  5. Click on details in the Google Ads tag
Google Ads Audience Sources

Now check the parameter ID if you have hits in the last days

If you recently installed the code, give it a few days to collect data.

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