Google Shopping Results Not Showing For Foreign Countries

As of October 2016, if you are searching for products that are not native to your country location, you will notice that the Google shopping results will not show up. Before when you for example visited and search for a product you would get shopping results among text ads. Or if you go to you would see products relevant to the search. Instead what you see in the Shopping Search is a blank page and only text ads on Web Search.

So why has this happened?

Not really sure why they did this, but can assume that Google only wants to show products that are native country to the searchers country location. Which in a sense is a good idea, as I manage allot of Adwords clients, I think this is a good move. However it has created a little wake of issues for people who need to check results in a country not native to there location. This problem is for agencies, freelancers and individuals that want to visually see shopping ad results.

What should you do now?

Currently there is no real work around and recommend to do two things :

  1. post a reply on Google’s official advertising community to get Google’s attention.
  2. Contact Google’s official help line

Is there an alternative?

Currently there are three methods :

  1. You can use the Ad Preview feature in FeedArmy
  2. Rely on Adwords data, which should be your first line of offense, however I do too require sometimes to look at ads visually
  3. In that case I use a service such as semrush (paid service), below is a screenshot of what to expect

semrush pla research