Updated on 11 December, 2022
Update Existing Customer List In Google Ads

Update Existing Customer List In Google Ads

This article is to explains how to upload customers to an existing list. I also have an article describing how to upload a customer list from Shopify.

  1. Login to Google Ads
  2. Go to Tools And Settings in the top right corner and click on Audience Manager
Google Ads Audience Manager
  1. In your segements section, click on your customer list (not the editing icon)
Google Ads Customer List
  1. Click on the 3dot menu and select Edit list
Google Ads Edit Customer List
  1. Check the box to Edit your list based on customer contact information
  2. Click on the radio button Add more customer
  3. Choose your file
  4. Accept the policies
  5. And save
Google Ads Update Customer List
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