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Turn On Enhanced Conversions & Get Accurate Sales Data In Google Ads

Turn On Enhanced Conversions & Get Accurate Sales Data In Google Ads

You might or might not know that Google has been struggling to track conversions since the Apple IOS 14 Update launch, which prompts users to disable tracking.

For users that disable tracking, only session-based conversions are tracked in Google Ads.

What Is Session Based Tracking?

Session-based tracking means a conversion that occurs during clicking on the ad to purchase within the same device. It also means that the path from click to sale also needs to be within a specific time frame.

For example, if the user exits the browser and restarts, then the session is closed, and a new session is created. If, in this case, the user does not click on the ad, no conversion is recorded in Google Ads.

Some businesses have no issues with this, as the sale usually happens instantly.

However, there are also long-term paths that take several days and even several devices. This means these conversions are not tracked accurately.

What About EU and UK?

In EU and UK you are required to prompt users to accept cookies. This means if a user does not consent to cookies, conversions become less accurate.

In this case consent mode is used to allow tracking.

More info:

Does Google Not Already Have A Solution?

Yes, they do. It is mentioned in the below article that Google uses AI on users that have allowed tracking to use this info to estimate (guessing) a conversion. This means Google guesses, based on data from tracked users, if a user has converted or not.

As you can already imagine, relying on this info is unreliable.

Source Article:

The New Solution

Google has introduced Enhanced conversions. This allows you to send Google extra data such as email, phone or name and address when a conversion takes place.

This does require some development skills and knowledge to implement. Luckily I have already started on the complexity and have, as of writing, already provided the solution on implementing enhanced conversions for Shopify.

You can also find the official documentation here:

Where Are The Settings?

You can update your existing conversion actions in Google Ads > Tools and Settings > Conversions > click on your conversion > Enhance Conversions.

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