Payment Methods No Longer Needs To Be Shown Prior To Checkout For Google Shopping

Google has yesterday (28th June 2021) updated the policy that you no longer need to show payment methods on the website prior to entering the checkout.

Initially, you needed to show the payment logos in the footer of your website and underneath the add to cart button, along with billing terms and conditions.

However, you still need to accept standard payment methods such as VISA and MasterCard, or the primary payment method in your country.

There is a slight problem with the policy.

The update of the new policy change is mentioned here:

However, the original Google Merchant Center guidelines still mention you require to add billing terms and conditions here:

I’m reaching out to my Community Managers at Google Ads to see what is correct or what is still required. Stay tuned for an update.

Update 29th June 2021: Google has confirmed they are updating the original policy to reflect the new policy update.

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