New Promotion Section On Google Shopping & Search

New Promotion Section On Google Shopping & Search

Google has been busy making the consumer’s shopping experience even better. Starting today, when you search for a product, Google will organize and show your competitively priced or discounted products from retailers across the web.

Google Shopping Deals

Starting in October 2021, Google will allow users on Web Search to toggle between the most popular deals for major retail sales, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

When users search during these periods, they will see a section highlighting relevant deals alongside other products.

Web Search Shopping Deals

The great news is that these promotional listings are absolutely free, no paid listings are required.

Don’t expect instant results, though; getting listed for promotions requires you to have popular products, a popular website, what type of promotion you are offering, and more non-public requirements.

Are Promotions Worth It?

Absolutely yes, based on my clients, you can get as much as 100% uplift in sales volume when offering promotions, even during non-promotional events.


Get started and create your promotions to get well ahead of your competitors. You can create promotions months in advance, allowing you to use your valuable time during the busy season to do other work.

You can use Google’s market insight to identify historical best performers. Creating promotions based on what worked historically may give you an extra edge compared to your competitors.

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