How To Transfer Ownership In Google Merchant Center

How To Transfer Ownership In Google Merchant Center

You can transfer ownership in Google Merchant Center by adding them as an admin user. Remember that if you do so and remove yourself as a user, any website claims you made will be removed and the new owner needs to reclaim the website. This might cause all ads to get disapproved, so make sure you can do the whole change up and website claim at the same time.

Steps By Step Guide

  1. In Google Merchant Center Next click on the gear icon in the top right corner
  2. Click on People and access
Google Merchant Center People and Access

If you are using Google Merchant Center Classic you will need to select Account Access

Google Merchant Center Classic Account Access
  1. Click on the + add user button
Google Merchant Center Add New User
  1. Now a popup will appear and you can add the new email address
Google Merchant Center Add Email Address
  1. Select Admin as the user access and click on add user
Google Merchant Center Add User Access Level
  1. Go back to People and access and click on the username that you want to remove (or in Google Merchant Center Classic go back to account access)
View User Name Access Details
  1. Now click on remove user
Remove User In Google Merchant Center

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9 months ago

So i recently took over ownership of a website that had this, I didn’t know about it till I got an email that said I should re-verify my website, had to make a google search about how to transfer ownership, and your guide helped me

really appreciate it

Marcus dominique
Marcus dominique
1 year ago

Hi Emmanurl,

thank you for the answer. So what is the solution if we have a merchant center and google ads registered in france and now the company is registered in USA? We need to change business information and credit card on both account but we are afraid of suspension. What can we do ?

Marcus Dominique
Marcus Dominique
1 year ago


when you transfer ownership can you change the country of the business information ?

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