How To Reprocess Content API in Google Merchant Center

How To Reprocess Content API in Google Merchant Center

You can reprocess Google Shopping content API by using a supplement feed.

  1. Go to Google Merchant Center
  2. Products
  3. All Products
  4. Click on the download icon
Download Google Merchant Center Products

  1. Open the zip file
  2. Change the .tsv file to .csv
Change File Format From TSV to CSV

  1. Open the file using your favorite spreadsheet editor and copy the ID column (it can also be called item_id, if so change the header from item_id to id).
  2. Go to Google Sheets
  3. Paste the ID column contents
  4. Go back to Google Merchant Center > Products > Feeds > click on add supplement feed
Google Merchant Center Supplement Feed

  1. Add your feed name (can be anything) and select Google Sheets, then continue.
Select Google Sheets

  1. Click on Select an existing Google spreadsheet
Choose existing Google spreadsheet

  1. Locate your file and save, now choose your content api and continue.
Google Merchant Center Select Content API

  1. Now that you have created the connection, click on the supplement feed you just created, and click on “fetch now”.
Fetch Supplement Feed In Google Merchant Center

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Rajeev Kumar
30 days ago

I did the steps as mentioned in above steps and your youtube video. After uploading google sheets, I am getting error
Offer does not exist


The update could not be matched to an offer. Please make sure to use the identifier of an existing offer and check that the country of sale of the feed is correct.
Learn more

Below are some example items that are affected by this issue.

Could you please guide to resolve it

4 months ago

Thank you for this!
It worked!

4 months ago

Wow!! I watched your YouTube video and then followed the steps above, and the issues were just removed from my GMC Diagnostics. Thank you for your assistance.

4 months ago

Thank you for these guides, however i am getting ‘invalid or missing required attribute: id‘ on the feed even when i have followed the instructions to a T

9 months ago

This actually worked. Thank you for this solution

1 year ago

Hi Emmanuel,

Thank you for the great information, I followed method 3 but it didn’t work. When you say column ID, can you share a screenshot. When you turn the document to CSV there is no column ID.

Tony Hisir
1 year ago

Thank you for the great information. I have been having problems with expiring items.

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