How To Remove A Supplement Feed in Google Merchant Center
How To Remove A Supplement Feed in Google Merchant Center

Supplement feeds in Google Merchant Center are great for adding or editing data that is not available in the primary feed. Allowing you to setup strategies or enhancing your Google Shopping setup.

But how do you remove this feed? It does not allow me to do this?

Google Merchant Center Cant Delete Supplement Feed

That is because you are still linking the supplement feed to a primary feed.

Step 1

Go to Google Merchant Center > Products > Feeds > click on your primary feed it is connected to.

Now select from the tabs Feed Rules and click on the feed rule that says Take from: (supplement feed)

Google Merchant Center Feed Rules

Now hover over the rule and click on the delete icon.

You can now save as draft.

Google Merchant Center Delete Rule

Now you will be redirected back to the feed rules, and you can apply the changes.

Google Merchant Center Delete Rule step 2

Go back to the feeds overview, you can now delete your supplement feed.

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