Created on 6 January, 2022
Google Shopping Automatically Prepend Brand Names In Titles

Google Shopping Automatically Prepend Brand Names In Titles

Today, I randomly checked up my client’s ads to identify specific information. And noticed an interesting new feature, where Google prepends brand values in your titles.

However, when you have already added your brand name in the title, Google will not prepend this again.

Why Is This Important?

It’s essential as Google forces the title you have created initially further after the brand name. This is because Google limits the visible part of the title to between 40 and 50 characters on Web Search. This then means the end part of your title is cut off.

In many cases, having the brand name at the beginning is essential. However, in some cases, the brand name might be so long that prepending the name will not increase the performance. To avoid Google prepending the brand name, you can add it at the end of the title, which forces Google not to prepend the value. In addition, you can identify if Google prepended the value if it shows the brand name with a hyphen at the beginning.

Having the brand name with the hyphen prepended does not mean it was added by Google, as some merchants, including myself, will sometimes prepend the brand name with a hyphen.

Is This Visible On The Shopping Tab?

No, as of writing, Google is not pretending the brand name on the shopping tab, only web search.

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