Google Merchant Assortment Report

Google Merchant Assortment Report

Google Merchant Assortment Report

All Merchants can now discover the top 100 products that are currently not being sold in your data feed, this allows you to quickly identify what is selling on Google Shopping which you currently have not listed.

Google Merchant Assortment Report

Where is the Assortment Report?

The assortment report is located inside your Google Merchant account where you can see a new button alongside the side panel.

What can I see?


Currently you can only see the top 100 products in the categories you are currently selling in. Which means if you only sell clothing, you can not see what is in the top 100 category for Animals & Pet Supplies.

Changing the list can be done by selecting a different category in the top right corner.

Only a short list is presented in the drop down, to find your other categories you will need to use the search function.

Google Merchant Assortment Categories


You can easily see what the top companies are selling the product at

Google Merchant Assortment Benchmark

Along side the prices you can also see the brand, title, description and category.


Ranking stats are also available showing you which product is considered the most popular.

This new feature is very useful for when you want to expand your offering.


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