Google Ads Christmas Naughty List

Google Ads Christmas Naughty List

Do NOT do the following things in Google Ads during the Christmas period. For text, display, youtube or shopping ads.

Do not change ROAS on the day or even few days before peak

Use seasonal adjustments if you are expecting a massive surge. Due to the learning process, it is recommended to change the ROAS at least 2 weeks before the surge.

Google Ads Dont Change ROAS

Do not change ROAS often

The more the changes, the more time the campaign takes to learn. Have at least 2 to 3 weeks between each change. Or when the learning has finished.

Google Ads ROAS Change Frequency

Do not create promotions on the same day the promotion is active

The review process takes at least 48 hours during busy periods. Also account for policy violations. The most common issue is not having correct titles, which further delays the approval process.

Google Merchant Center Promotion

Do not leave very high bids on during slow seasons

This may lead to overspend if not monitored. Constant maintenance of Google Ads is required to improve your performance.

Google Ads Dont Overbid

Plan for the total potential surge, not one day of surge

For example: Don’t plan just for Black Friday but a whole week to 10 days of pre-Christmas sales.

Google Ads Graph

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