Track Micro Conversions In Google Ads With Shopify

When it comes to advertising we have two types of conversions. Macro and Micro conversions. Macro conversions are the primary conversions on the website such as completing an order or submitting a lead form. Micro conversions are smaller actions such as add to cart, view cart, add a delivery address, etc…

In this article, I will explain how to track micro conversions in Shopify for your Google Ads account.

You need to prepare the following accounts:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads

Link Google Analytics to Google Ads

Go to Google Analytic’s Admin panel and choose under Product Linking > Google Ads Linking. Choose your account and click continue.

Link Google Analytics To Google Ads
Link Google Analytics To Google Ads

Create Your Goals In Google Analytics

Again go to the admin panel of Google Analytics and under the view section (far right) click on Goals.

Google Analytics Goals

Now click on New Goal

Google Analytics New Goal

Now from the Goal Setup, choose custom and continue.

Google Analytics Goal Setup

Now enter a name, I have chosen the name Added product to cart, you can choose any name you like.

And choose Destination as your type. Leave Goal slot ID as default. Now continue.

Google Analytics Goal Description

For the destination, we want to set equals to and the value /cart

You can click on verify, to see if you have already received clicks to this destination. Now click on Save.

Google Analytics Goal Destination

Linking Goals To Google Ads

Go to Google Ads and navigate to Tools & Settings > Conversions

Google Ads Conversions Panel

Now click on the blue plus sign and choose import.

Google Ads Import Conversions

Choose Google Analytics from the import options and continue.

Google Ads Import Google Analytics

Choose your goal and click on import and continue, then click on done.

Google Ads Import Goal

Google Ads Conversion Settings

Now we need to make some changes to the settings. I recommend adding value and change the attribution model.

The value of the conversion can be anything, this you need to calculate yourself, how much is a click for this action worth to you? Then add this value.

Google Ads Conversion Value Settings

The attribution model should be changed from last click, to any other model. I recommend for growth puproses to use position-based. You can read more about Google Ads attribution model.

Google Ads Conversion Attribution Model

You have now completed all the steps to add a micro conversion.

Repeat these steps for the following destinations:

  • Added address
    • url: /checkout/contact_information
  • Added shipping info
    • url: /checkout/shipping
  • Added payment info
    • url: /checkout/payment
  • Searched
    • url: /search

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