Google Ads Allow You To Add a Value Modifier For In-Store purchases

Google Ads Allow You To Add a Value Modifier For In-Store purchases

Google Ads allows you to adjust sales values for all conversion goals or store visits. This is especially helpful if you measure in store visits differently from online sales.


For example, for in-store visits, you might want to add shipping prices if you offer free shipping. You can choose to add a value or a multiplier.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Add Value Adjustement

Or, visa versa, you may value online sales more, as the labor associated with online sales may be more cost-effective compared to in-store sales.

Another great time to add value modifiers to all conversions is during sales, promotions, and seasonal events. Or even sales value modifiers to specific campaigns and not others. Considering this is a campaign setting and not for all conversions.

Google does talk about decreasing sales values. However, currently, only Add and Multiply adjustments are selectable. I’m talking with my community managers to find out how to achieve this. And I will update this post with more info.

You can also select conditions allowing you to choose based on device, location, or audience. For example, we can add more value to returning visitors or specific devices. On top of that, you can also add a secondary condition.

Google Ads Value Conditions

Where Can I Change The Settings?

To utilize this feature select your campaign > settings > additional settings > value rules

Google Ads Value Rules

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