Created on 1 August, 2016 | Updated on 11 December, 2022
Emmanuel Flossie Named Rising Star at Google's Advertiser Community

Emmanuel Flossie Named Rising Star at Google’s Advertiser Community

A couple of weeks ago I got named Rising Star at Google’s Advertising Community.

Why is this important?

It provides another showcase of how knowledgeably I am within Google’s advertising platform and the commitment I have to assist all my clients and community members in providing the highest quality experience.

What is a Rising Star?

Rising Stars are volunteers who have a positive attitude, share their product knowledge with other users, and participate in the community consistently.

What this means for my clients?

Along side being a Google Badged Partner, being a rising star ensures my customers that I have the know how to give them a successful advertising experience.

Which fields am I specialized in?

I’m specialized in the following areas

  • Google Shopping
    • Website Policy Validation
  • Google Merchant
    • Data Feed Creation (FeedArmy and others)
    • Data Feed Management (FeedArmy and others)
  • Google Adwords
    • PLA (Google Shopping)
    • Display Remarketing
    • Search Network (Text Advertising)
    • Mobile Ads
    • Gmail Ads
    • YouTube (Trueview)

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