Canadian Advertisers Gain Access to Google Shopping Vehicle Ads

Canadian Advertisers Gain Access to Google Shopping Vehicle Ads

Starting in April 2023, vehicle ads will be available to all Canadian advertisers, marking a significant milestone in digital automotive advertising. This new ad format will allow advertisers to effectively promote their entire inventory to potential customers searching for vehicles on The introduction of vehicle ads in Canada is just the beginning, as plans are underway to expand the service to more countries later.

Vehicle ads are a performance-focused, omnichannel, lower-funnel ad format designed to target interested customers in the final stages of their buying journey. The ads display an image of the car and essential details such as make, model, price, kilometers, and the advertiser’s name. When customers click on a vehicle ad, they are directed to the Vehicle Description Page (VDP) on the advertiser’s website. From there, customers can perform various actions, such as contacting the dealer, submitting a lead form, or taking other steps before visiting the dealership in person.

It’s important to note that vehicle parts, accessories, tires, and services are not supported with vehicle ads. For these types of products, you can use standard shopping ads.

Vehicle advertisers must first participate in the program to participate in this new advertising opportunity. Afterward, merchants can upload their vehicle feeds to the Merchant Center and run smart shopping campaigns in Google Ads. This process ensures that the vehicle ads are served to the right customers at the right time, maximizing their effectiveness and reach.

As vehicle ads become available to Canadian advertisers, the automotive industry is expected to boost sales and customer engagement significantly. The streamlined advertising process and the ability to target customers at the most crucial stage of their buying journey will undoubtedly be a game-changer for auto dealers nationwide.

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