Created on 7 April, 2023
[Solution] Can't Connect GMC Sub Account With Shopify Google Channel App

[Solution] Can’t Connect GMC Sub Account With Shopify Google Channel App

Many users have faced challenges while trying to connect their Google Channel app from Shopify to their Google Merchant Center sub-account. In this article, we will discuss a workaround that has proven to be effective for some users.


The solution involves adding a different email address as the sub-account user. This is necessary because Google Merchant Center does not allow you to add the same email address registered as the parent account’s admin. Attempting to do so will result in an error message stating, “Account already has access…”

By adding a separate email address as the sub-account user, you can change the email entered in the Google Channel app on Shopify to match the newly added sub-account user email. Once this change is made, the sub-account should appear as an option to connect to within the Google Channel app.

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