Updated on 17 August, 2023
Can You Drop Ship On Google Shopping

Can You Drop Ship On Google Shopping

This question has been asked many times, and there has been a lot of confusion. From my side, I said that drop shipping was not allowed in 2018, when Google explicitly mentioned drop shipping is not allowed. However, this was changed to the wording Promoting products that are not stocked.  https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/6150127#:~:text=Unavailable%20promotions

As I am a Google Diamond Product Expert, I get access to extra help in pondering issues or questions. After a month of waiting, Google has come back with the below short answer.

As long as the advertisers have stocked the products and can deliver the goods to the customer, their items should not be disapproved.

Why Are So Many Dropshippers Suspended?

The most common reason why drop shippers get suspended is due to the lack of care, ie: not taking the time in setting up a trustworthy business.

Contact Details

Make sure you add accurate and full contact details (business address, email, telephone, contact form)

Do not submit any virtual addresses or PO boxes.


  • Do not copy paste text from other merchants or manufacturer.
  • Do not use stock images, take your own.
  • Do not use reviews you did not collect

Do You Offer Assistance?

Yes I do, I have a service with more info here: https://feedarmy.com/google-merchant-center-suspended-get-back-on-google-shopping/

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