Why Are Google Merchant Center Supplement Feeds Separated Automatically

Why Are Google Merchant Center Supplement Feeds Separated Automatically

Starting in June 2024, Google Merchant Center will make a necessary adjustment, such that supplement feeds connected to multiple primary feeds will be separated into different listings. This change impacts several merchants, notably those aiming at various countries using similar language. Usually, these merchants improve their product data using one Google Sheet tagged with numerous primary feeds. Nonetheless, after the latest update, the situation has changed: every separate supplement feed associated with multiple primary feeds will now be re-listed separately.

Google Merchant Center Multiple Supplment Feeds When Only 1 Was Created

What Is Going On? Why has this happened?

This change (which lacks practical benefit) is most likely triggered by last month’s introduction of a feed label update. It means that managing merchants’ feeds is now more complicated, thereby probably influencing their activities.

What Made This Possible?

This change must have been triggered by the introduction of a feed label update last month. The details of this update were complex, and its implications were not immediately clear, which is why it was not widely discussed at the time.

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