What Is FeedArmy

What is FeedArmy?

FeedArmy provides all services related to Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. Such as eCommerce Merchants who want to publish their products to Google Shopping, need data feed improvements, or need advertising management. FeedArmy allows you to focus on the bigger picture, leaving the complexity over to us.

A Great Service Made Simple

The main goal of FeedArmy is to make the process as simple as possible. FeedArmy assists each merchant personally, setting everything up. In addition, FeedArmy offers expert consultancy with Google Ads and Google Merchant Center, alongside management services. With over 12 years of experience in eCommerce and Google Shopping, you can rest assured that your goal to increase investment return is heading in the right direction.

FeedArmy is a young company that started in late 2014. While being young, FeedArmy began with a great deal of knowledge in eCommerce in 2008. However, with the ever-growing complexity of Google Shopping and its complex policies, it is now necessary to have simplicity at your fingertips.


FeedArmy is run by Emmanuel Flossie and has received many recognitions such as Google Ads Partner, Google Ads Community Diamond Expert, a 2021 Google Ads Community Education Award winner, a Shopify Partner and more

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