What Is FeedArmy

FeedArmy is a tool for eCommerce Merchants whom want to publish there products to Google Shopping. FeedArmy allows you to easily import products via multiple sources, edit all attributes, improve ranking and many more features.

A Great Platform Made Simple

The main goal of FeedArmy is to make the process as simple as possible, FeedArmy assists with each merchant personally, setting everything up and explaining what they should focus on. FeedArmy also offers expert consultancy with Google Adwords and Google Merchant. With over 10 years experience in eCommerce and Google Shopping, you can be rest assured that your goal to increase the return of investment is heading the right direction.

FeedArmy is a young company that started in late 2014, while being young FeedArmy started with a great deal of knowledge in eCommerce. With the ever growing complexity of Google Shopping and its complex policies, it is now more than ever important to have simplicity at your finger tips.

How It Works

With FeedArmy, you can connect your eCommerce platform to FeedArmy and automatically let the application process the data into a format that Google understands. It’s so easy it is ready within 5 min. On top of that you can use the diagnostics tool to improve your existing data. Alongside a great ranking tool, FeedArmy features a huge amount of other dedicated tools.

Why not request a trial account

A quick overview of our features :

  1. Automated updates
  2. Improve ranking using the diagnostics tool
  3. Preview ads
  4. Import products from CSV, XML, Shopify, Magento, osCommerce and more…
  5. Export to Google Shopping, Adwords Business Data, Facebook and more…
  6. Edit all attributes without effecting your website
  7. Use import rules, exclude rules and update rules
  8. Add product variants
  9. Dedicated to Google Shopping ensure high quality service
  10. Promotions, product listing and inventory data feeds
  11. Specialist assistance


FeedArmy has several plans for all types of merchants or agencies.

Why not have a look at our introduction page available on the FeedArmy Homepage