Verify & Claim Shopify Website In Google Merchant Center

Verify & Claim Shopify Website In Google Merchant Center

A step by step guide on how to verify and claim your Shopify website in Google Merchant Center. Please note this is for root domain names. So if you have Shopify installed on, this tutorial will not work. You will need to install the HTML meta tag or file on the root website, get in touch with your web developer on how to do this, or if you need help from me, fill out the contact form below.

Step 1)

Claim your website by going to Google Merchant Center and click on Business information > Website > Claim Your Website

GMC Claim Your Website

Step 2)

Download the HTML file

Step 3)

Login to your Shopify Admin Panel

Shopify Login

Step 4)

Go to Settings  and click on Files

Shopify Settings File Upload

Step 5)

Click on Upload files and upload your html verification file

Shopify Upload Files

Step 6)

Copy the URL

Shopify Copy File URL

Step 7)

Click on Online Store > Navigation and click on URL Redirects > Add URL Redirect

Shopify Online Store Navigation

Step 8)

  1. Paste the copied URL to the Redirect to new page field
  2. Remove everything after and include the question mark
  3. Past the filename including the file extension in the Old URL field
  4. Click on Add

Shopify Add URL Redirect

Step 9)

Go back to Google Merchant Center and navigate to Business information > Website > Claim Your Website, now click on Claim Website

You are all done

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