Created on 7 May, 2018 | Updated on 5 July, 2021
Verify & Claim Shopify Website In Google Merchant Center

Verify & Claim Shopify Website In Google Merchant Center

A step by step guide on how to verify and claim your Shopify website in Google Merchant Center. Please note this is for custom domains only. If you’re using, then you cannot verify with Google Merchant Center. If you need help from me, fill out the contact form below.

Getting The Tag

Claim your website by going to Google Merchant Center and click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Then choose Business information > Website > Add an HTML tag or upload an HTML file to your website.

Enter your website URL

From the options near the bottom, click on I have access to my server and choose, Add an HTML tag to my homepage. Now click on the copy to clipboard icon, next to the tag.

Adding The Tag In Shopify

Open up the theme editor by going to Online Store > Themes

In the top right corner click on actions. A menu will appear and click on Edit Code

Click on theme.liquid inside the layout folder.

And underneath the opening <head> tag, paste the meta tag and save the layout.

Claiming The Site

Go back to Google Merchant Center > gear icon in the top right corner > Business information > Website > Claim Your Website and click on verify URL.

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    1. Yes, it does look like Shopify is not allowing HTML uploads (it stopped working since a week ago), I will soon update this article when I have confirmation from Shopify this is going to stay or they going to allow HTML uploads.

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