Use Google Shopping Insight For Creating Better Ads

Use Google Shopping Insight For Creating Better Ads

Google has launched a great new feature which allows you to see what is most popular between products, brands, regions, device and seasons. Currently it is still in beta and only available for the US with around 5000 products. This tool allows you to easily make more decisive decisions.

Lets dive in and see what features are available

  • Measure popularity on national, regional or city level
  • Compare between brands, products and categories
  • Compare between seasons such as Halloween, Mothers Day, Back to School etc…
  • Compare between Desktop, Mobile or both
  • View monthly leader boards

Google Insights

What is this good for?

This tool allows you to access greater insight for creating better localized ads using consumer interest measurements. And measure the popularity between products. For example in October 2014 we can see that costumes for Minions surpassed that of Star Wars by 3 fold. While now September 2015 it’s equal.

Google Shopping Insights Minions vs Starwars

Or Batman vs superman costumes, you will see that Batman is more popular. Which allows you to invest more in Batman compared to Superman.

Google Shopping Insights Batman vs Superman

How does Google collect the data?

Google collects the data from both Google Web and Google Shopping. Products are listed once they become popular and have a high enough click rate. You will notice that not all products are listed.

How to search for data?

Not all search terms are available, the search terms are generated by what the customer is typing. For example : A customer searching for electronic goods are more likely to search by brand and product id, compared to bedroom furniture. So if you are searching for a product brand and id which is not listed, try searching for the category instead. Do note that not all products are available, only products that are sold in traditional stores and are popular enough are listed.

What does Google not show

Google does not show search volume, the ratio between 0 and 100 is the comparison for whichever is more popular. To find search volume I recommend you use Adwords Keyword Planner.

Visible Area

You can zoom out to view a national area and zoom all the way in to the level of cities.

Google Shopping Insight City Level

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