How To Enable Trusted Stores Badge In Google Shopping

How To Enable Top Quality Store Badge In Google Shopping

Boost your Google Shopping CTR by becoming eligible for a Top Quality Store badge, formerly known as a Trusted Store badge.

Google Shopping Trusted Store Badge

Automatic Shipping Data

Log in to Google Merchant Center and in the top right corner, navigate to:

  1. Gear Icon
  2. Linked accounts
  1. Click on the Platforms tab
  2. Click on the + Partner button
  1. Link a Partner. You can choose from ShipStation, CedCommerce, ShipHero, Sales & Orders or Simprosys. You can even upload the data manually following the below steps.
GMC Link a Parnter

Upload Shipping Data Manually

You can also update shipping data manually by going to the top right corner:

  1. Gear Icon
  2. Shipping & Returns
GMC Shipping and Returns
  1. Click on Verify your delivery information
GMC Verify your delivery information
  1. Click on new verification
New Shipping Verification
  1. Click on Share order history using a file
share your history using a file in Google Merchant Center
  1. You can now upload a .TSV (text delimited) or .CSV file

Here is a TSV example (In CSV)

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