How To Add a User In Google Ads

How To Add a User In Google Ads

Log in to Google Ads and in the left menu click on Admin, then select Access and security.

Google Ads Access and Security

Click on the tab security and select allowed domains. Here for my clients add or if you are using this guide for your clients, enter the domain name associated with that business.

Google Ads Add Allowed Domains

Navigate to the Users tab and click on the blue plus icon.

Google Ads Add User Blue Button

Enter [email protected] in the email field and select standard access, now click on send invitation.

Google Ads Add User Email Address

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Agence Google Ads
Agence Google Ads
1 year ago

Thank you for the reminder good article.
Most clients who have their accounts already created always forget to give their agency or consultant the right to use properly their Google Ads Account. Most of the time we help them otherwise we can’t really have any visibility on anything.

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