Google Tests Quick Checkout Button for Select Shopify Users, With Mixed Opinions

Google Tests Quick Checkout Button for Select Shopify Users, With Mixed Opinions

Google is constantly innovating to make online shopping more accessible and seamless. One of their latest pilot tests involves the integration of a ‘Quick Checkout’ button for select Shopify merchants, aimed at streamlining the purchasing process. However, not all users are thrilled with this new feature, citing issues with personalization and optional product features.

Google Shopping Free Listings Quick Checkout

What is the Quick Checkout Button?

Google’s pilot test involves replacing the traditional “Visit Site” button with a “Quick Checkout” button for certain Shopify store listings. This new button redirects users straight to the checkout page instead of the product landing page, allowing for a faster and more efficient shopping experience. Interestingly, this feature seems to apply only to free listings and not Google Shopping Ads.

While the goal of the Quick Checkout button is to simplify and expedite the purchasing process, it has not been welcomed by all users. The issue was first brought to light by ContempoCrystal in the Shopify community. Some users say the new feature disrupts the shopping experience by bypassing necessary steps like reviewing product details and personalization options.

Many online retailers offer customizable products, allowing customers to select colors, sizes or even add personalized messages. Unfortunately, users may miss out on these options by skipping the product landing page, leading to potential dissatisfaction and increased return rates.

Moreover, the lack of a product landing page may hinder merchants’ abilities to upsell or cross-sell complementary products, impacting their overall sales and revenue.

Google has expressed that there will be a feature to opt out of the quick checkout button.

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