Google Shopping Price and Availability Requirements

Google Shopping Price and Availability Requirements

When submitting data to Google Shopping, you must ensure that the Price and Availability both match on Google Shopping and your eCommerce website. Google periodically tests your website to match both attributes, if these do not match than temporarily this product will not be listed. If not corrected in a timely manner a possible suspension might happen. Once a suspension has been triggered you will receive an email and a time frame to fix the issue (normally 2 weeks).


  • The availability status must match both the website and the data submitted
  • Currently only 3 values are accepted
    • in stock
    • out of stock
    • preorder
  • For products that are out of stock or unavailable, do not remove the data entry, simply switch the availability value to “out of stock”


  • The price value must match both the website and the data submitted
  • (Optional but suggested) The price structured data ( is suggested to be added to your website, not a requirement but you will receive an error in your diagnostic tool mentioning that the prices could not be updated dynamically
  • The price value currency must be the same and pre-selected on the website
  • Depending on your target country, tax/vat must be included or excluded
  • Products that are on sale must use the sale_price attribute instead of changing the price attribute value, and update the sale_price dates (beginning from and ending at)
  • When selling multipacks, submit the price of the minimum required quantity

Structured Data

You also need to add structured data to the product landing page, structured data is a hidden or partially hidden element that Google collects. This information must accurately display the correct price, availability status, condition, etc… If this is not done, you will start getting warnings in your diagnostics panel within Google Merchant. I have written some great articles on how to add structured data to your website.

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