Google Now Tracks Attribution Across Free Listings & Search Web

In the upcoming months, Google Merchant Center will begin tracking more conversion events beyond those attributed to clicks on Shopping free listings. This expansion includes tracking conversions from clicks on Search web results and other sources. Google has made this change to provide better reporting on conversion data and to optimize the Google shopping experience for your products.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

This update means you will have more comprehensive insights into the customer journey. Previously, conversions tracked by Google Merchant Center were limited to those from Shopping free listings. Including search web results and other sources gives you a complete picture of how customers find and purchase your products. This expanded tracking can help you understand the full impact of your marketing efforts across different channels.

Managing Your Preferences

If you prefer not to have Google track conversion data in Merchant Center, you can manage your preferences by:

  1. Turning off the Conversion Setting: Go to your Merchant Center > cog icon > conversion settings.
  2. Unlinking Accounts: Unlink your Google Analytics and Merchant Center accounts to stop the data sharing.

These options give you control over the data that Google collects and how it is used.

Customer Journey

Implications of the Update

While Google has not provided exhaustive details about the new tracking capabilities, it is reasonable to assume that this update will show a more comprehensive funnel of the click journey leading to a conversion. This enhanced tracking can benefit businesses looking to optimize their marketing strategies and improve conversion rates.

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