Google Manufacturer Center Voluntarily or Mandatory Product Recalls

Google Manufacturer Center Voluntarily or Mandatory Product Recalls

As of September 2021, Manufacturers can now recall products voluntarily without relying on a regulatory authority to trigger an official recall.

Products marked as recalled will become disapproved for all product listings on Google Shopping, Free Listings, and Buy on Google.

Retailers will be alerted of the recall in Google Merchant Center.

How To Enable This?

Products that have defects or are at risk to users or don’t comply with policies can be recalled by¬†contacting Google¬†directly to enable this attribute, which is subject to validation by Google.

Once Google has verified your request, instructions and requirements will be provided.

What Will Happen With Retailers?

When a valid barcode has been assigned and detected in a reseller’s account, they will receive a warning in the diagnostics tab, and the product is automatically disapproved.

How To Fix Recalled Product?

Suppose you are a reseller and have a disapproved product due to product recall. Then this product is no longer allowed to be advertised. As a retailer, you are responsible for ensuring you comply with laws and regulations in addition to Google’s policies.

Remove the product from the feed and follow the recall process set by the manufacturer or government body.

If you think this was a mistake, contact Google Support.

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