Google Launched Local Inventory Ads In 23 Additional Countries

Google Launched Local Inventory Ads In 23 Additional Countries

Today, Google has launched Google Shopping’s local inventory ads in over 23 extra countries.

Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

What are Google Shopping Local Inventory Ads?

Local inventory ads are a feature within Google Shopping that allows retailers to promote their in-store inventory to local consumers using Google’s advertising platform. Local ads enable merchants to opt in for in-store pickup only. Users searching for products on Google can see real-time inventory from nearby stores, complete with product details, prices, and store information. Local ads benefit shoppers looking for a specific item and want to buy it locally rather than waiting for online delivery.

How It Works

To participate, retailers must first provide Google with a regularly updated feed of their in-store inventory. This feed includes product availability, pricing, Google Business Profile store ID, etc. Retailers must also have an online product catalog that aligns with the inventory data.

When a potential customer searches for a product on Google, the platform uses this data to display relevant local inventory ads. These ads show users that the product is available nearby, and provide details like the store’s address, distance from the user, and the option to view the item on the retailer’s website or get directions to the store.

Setting Up Local Inventory Ads

Setting up local inventory ads involves several steps:

Google Merchant Center Account: Retailers must set up an account and opt into local inventory ads.

Enable the program: Enable your local by going to Google Merchant Center Next > gear icon > add ons, or in GMC Classic go to Growth > Programs.

European Requirements: If you are targeting Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, you must add your About Us link during the local inventory setup guide.

Create a local product feed: By setting up a primary feed

Create a local product inventory feed: Add a local product inventory feed under the supplement feed section. And add your product ID, store ID, availability, pricing, and sale price and quantity.

Request verification: The last step in the approval process is requesting verification, which is also the last step in the setup guide. This option will become available once all previous steps have been completed.

Challenges and Considerations

While local inventory ads can be highly beneficial, they require meticulous data management. Retailers must ensure that their inventory feeds are accurate and updated frequently to avoid discrepancies between ads and actual stock levels.

Additionally, integrating these systems with existing inventory management and POS systems can be complex and may require technical adjustments or upgrades.

Local Inventory Ads Available Countries Full List

AfricaAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaSouth AmericaOceania
South AfricaHong KongAustriaCanadaArgentinaAustralia
IndiaBelgiumThe United StatesBrazilNew Zealand
IndonesiaCzech RepublicChile
Saudi ArabiaGreece
South KoreaIreland
ThailandThe Netherlands
The United Kingdom

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