Google India Testing New Web Search Shopping Ad Format

Google India Testing New Web Search Shopping Ad Format

While browsing my favorite people to follow, such as Barry Schwartz I noticed an article regarding a new feature where brand names will slide along with ads. However, Barry mentioned he could not replicate the results.

I have tested multiple countries, including the US, UK, and Australia, and could also not replicate it. However, I can repeat it in India for the exact search term as reported by Khushal Bherwani.

I also tried generic search terms for India, such as gaming mouse, gaming computer, keyboards etc. which do not show this feature.

So this feature is rather interesting as it will now change how search results are presented. Instead of ranking for an individual product, it is ranking based on the merchant. Or at least based on a certain number of top-performing products.
I would love to see some metrics in Google Ads, such as the existing absolute top ads impression metric.

I can only expect overall performance to play a significant role in this search result. Which will change the strategy we must employ. I look forward to seeing this appear in more search results and in other countries.

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