Conversion Tracking For Google Shopping Free Listing Are Now Supported

Conversion Tracking For Google Shopping Free Listing Are Now Supported

You can now track conversions with the newly released auto-tagging feature in Google Merchant Center for free shopping listings. Before this release, there was no option to track conversions. Now using auto-tagging, you can use Google Analytics to track conversions from free listings and free local listings.

Testing my clients today, I noticed the feature is not yet available to all accounts. However, you can check your account by going to Google Merchant Center > Gear Icon > Conversion Tracking.

Google Shopping Free Click Conversion Tracking

Here you can toggle auto-tagging to on or off. Before you enable it, please keep reading.

Google Shopping Free Click Conversion Tracking Toggle

If auto-tagging is greyed out, that means you are not the admin. Only admins (as of writing) can enable this feature.

Auto-tagging appends a unique click identifier to your free listings traffic from Google. This feature can be used together with a web analytics tool to see how effectively your free listings perform.

For example, when a free listing is clicked on the final URL will look like:

Some websites may break with the query string, so first, check with your developer if this feature works on your website. Or check yourself by going to a random product landing page and appending the query: ?srsltid=123xyz

Do not enable auto-tagging in Google Merchant Center if you get an error.

How To View Data In Google Analytics Universal

Log in to Google Analytics, and follow the below menu steps.

Acquisitions > All Traffic > Source/Medium

Choose your secondary dimension as Landing Page

Click on the advanced filtering and include the landing page containing srsltid

In the below example you can see conversions in the transactions column.

Google Shopping Free Listing Track Sales

You can also import a custom Google Analytics Dashboard for tracking Google Shopping Free Listing conversions.

How To View Data In Google Analytics 4

As reported by Charles Farina, you can now link GA4 to GMC.

Log in to your Google Analytics 4 account and go to Admin > Under Property > Product Links > Select Merchant Center

GA4 Link Google Merchant Center

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