Created on 20 July, 2020 | Updated on 5 July, 2021
Value is too high [price] Google Merchant Center

[SOLVED] Value is too high [price] Google Merchant Center

As of writing there is a bit of confusion what the reason is if your products get disapproved due to Value is too high [price] in Google Merchant Center. Currently Google has not written a specific explanation for this error.

Well today I have good news. As part of Google’s Expert Program, I can get access to more help. And the community specialist has come back with a clear explenation.

The Explenation!

Google’s team has confirmed that the disapproval reason is included under Sensitive events (price gouging). As a part of Google’s monitoring and enforcement of Shopping Ads policy, Google does not allow the promotion of certain products attempting to capitalize on sensitive events. The ads are reviewed using a combination of automatic and manual processes. The system is designed to disapprove ads, as a precautionary measure, especially for such sensitive policies or events.

The Solution!

Remove the products from the data feed is Google’s official answer.

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