Updated on 11 December, 2022
Keep Google Shopping Up To Date With Inventory Updates

Keep Google Shopping Up To Date With Inventory Updates

Keep Google Shopping Up To Date With Inventory Updates

If you update your pricing, availability and sale price more than once a day, using the online product inventory updates allows you to update these values at a different time. Lets say we have our normal data feed that updates at midnight, but before lunch time you update the whole range with new prices and availability. Using the inventory update data feed allows you to fetch at a different time than your regular data feed. This feed will than overwrite any submitted values.

You can of course do a manual fetch on your normal data feed, but for your convenience you can use this system to have an automated setup.


Which Attributes Can I Update?

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Sale Price
  • Sale Price Effective Date


Which File Types Are Supported?

Currently one XML or text delimited files are supported. Below are examples how to create both file types.


<g:price>15.00 USD</g:price>
<g:availability>out of stock</g:availability>
<g:sale_price>5.25 USD</g:sale_price>

Text Delimited (CSV)

id price availability sale price sale price effective date
tddy123uk 15.00 USD out of stock 5.25 USD 2015-03-01T13:00-0800/2015-03-01T15:30-0800


The only requirement for this feed is that the ID in the product inventory data feed must be present in the full product data feed.



If you are using a data feed manager ensure you have this application updated before Google fetches your data feed.



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