Google Showcase Ads, Setup Guide & How It Works

In this article I will delve in the new Google showcase ads, this article will cover both what it is, the benefits and how to set it up.


The benefits of using showcase ads are :

  • Discovery Ads

Showcase ads are triggered when a generic search term is searched, as the customer is unsure of what type of brand, product type etc… to look for. It allows you to show your products. This is a great way for people to discover your products and brands.

  • Show related grouped products

Another great feature is that you can show related products, lets say someone is searching for hoodies, than you can show a whole range of hoodies. It is recommended to start with around 100 products to see which ones work best.

  • Free first click

The first click on the showcase ad is free, you are only charged when a product or link is clicked. Or when the person has been in the showcase section for more than 10 seconds.

How It Works

A showcase ad is displayed in Google’s web search when someone searches for a generic search term such as hoodies, leather gloves, t-shirts etc…. The results are than presented in a carousal. When the ad is clicked on, it expands into a popup for desktop and a new panel in a mobile device, showcasing all related products from that category.

Here is a great demonstration of how it works on a mobile device

And here is how it works on a desktop or laptop device

Google Showcase Ads Desktop


Showcase ads is a CPE (cost per engagement) model, which means that you are charged when someone spends more than 10 seconds in the expanded ad section or when a product or link is clicked on.

Best Practices

  • Show high quality images that show the product in use
  • List at least around 100 products
  • Use 1 ad group per category for example : t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc…
  • Test first without creating limitations, than improve the advertising based on results

How To Set It Up?

Before you begin setting a showcase campaign up in Adwords, you need an active shopping feed in Google Merchant. When you have done this step continue with below.

To be able to add showcase ads, you need to have Google’s new Beta Adwords program, you can switch to the new system in the bottom left corner. If you do not have this feature, please contact me.

Google Adwords Enable Adwords Beta

Step 1

Login to Adwords and go to the campaigns tab, than click on the blue plus sign to create a new campaign (make sure you are in the new Adwords Beta UI). And choose the Shopping


Google Adwords Campaign Type

Step 2

If you have multiple merchant accounts, click on the account field and choose the correct one.

If you have multiple countries enabled in your merchant center feed, than choose the correct country

Google Adwords Chooces Merchant Account

Click on continue

Step 3

Enter a campaign name, add a daily budget and leave the rest as default, but check the supplied info.

Google Adwords Shopping Campaign Settings

Step 4

Choose the showcase ads ad type

Enter an ad group name

Enter a max CPE bid

Optionally, choose all products or a selection based on all subdivision types

Google Adwords Shopping Showcase Ads Ad Group Type

Step 5

Upload a header image sized 1080 * 566 pixels

Choose the show the header image in the carousel on the web search or to use a product image

Add a headline, description, link and display link

Save and you are done.

Google Adwords Create A Showcase Ad

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