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Automaticly Generates a Data Feed

Connect Magento V1.x, add a couple of rules and you are ready to import..

In 2 easy steps :

  • Connect Magento
  • Apply Import Rules

Multistore Supported

Have different languages or stores? You can use FeedArmy to select a specific stores

Features :

  • Enable Specific Stores
  • Apply correct import rules

Improve Ranking

Improving your data feed quality is key to lowering your Adwords CPC and increasing Traffic. FeedArmy features a diagnostics tool that allows you to automaticly detect and suggest improvements on all Google Merchant attributes.

Detects the following :

  • Policy Violations
  • Required Fields
  • Ranking improvements

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Main Products & Variants

With FeedArmy you can increase your Google Shopping equity by adding variants, adding more equity ensures more exposure and conversions.

Features :

  • Create Titles From Parent + Variant
  • Choose Optional Images

Promotions Feed

If you have promotions on your site, such as free shipping or discounts. Than using FeedArmy's built-in system, allows you to create a promotional data feed.

Includes the following :

  • Global or Product Specific Promotions

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With the Automate feature you can easily use a simplified regex search functions to populate other Google Attributes. For example search for colors in the title and populate the color attribute with the matched values.

Automate features :

  • Search within any attribute
  • Populate or replace any value of an attribute
  • and many more features...

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Category Mapping

Easily map your local eCommerce platform product types or categories to Google Shopping categories. Navigate through Google's Taxonomy list.

Available for :


Easily exclude products in bulk or one by one, for when you encounter policy violations or for business decisions.

Methods :

  • Exclude in bulk by copying spreadsheet id's
  • Manually via the editor

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Full Data Editor

Easily edit all your product info independently from your website.

Methods :

  • Independently edit products
  • Bulk edit using your favorite spreadsheet editor
  • Use search and replace automation *beta

Supported Marketplaces

We are expanding our services to other marketplaces.

Including :

  • Google Shopping
  • Google Adwords Business Data (retail)
  • eBay
  • Facebook

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Product Updates

Easily update product data manually or automated.

Features :

  • Only updates attributes you define (Enable price updates, disable title updates, etc...)
  • Manually update data
  • Automatically update data

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Ad Preview

Visualize Google Shopping Ads.

Features :

  • Web Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Desktop, Tablets & Smartphones Ads

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barcode lookup

Bar Code Look Up (GTIN)

Find missing bar codes.

Features :

  • EAN
  • UPC

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