Why can't I Sell Medication in Google Shopping US?

Why can’t I Sell Medication in Google Shopping US?


Why can't I Sell Medication in Google Shopping US?

If you have products disapproved or you are about to attempt to upload your product data feed to Google Merchant and are unaware of the regulations than this article will guide you to the correct explanation.
Google restricts the promotion of health care products and have different requirements on product categories and target countries.

For this article we are going to cover the United States.

Prescription Drugs :

For the US you can sell pharmaceutical products if you are a accredited pharmacist by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy VIPPS Program and Google Certified.

Online pharmacies promoting non-prescription drug products :

Same rules apply as fro Prescription Drugs.

DHEA and melatonin :

You can sell DHEA and melatonin in the US

Pet prescriptions and pharmacies :

You can sell pet prescriptions online but must be accredited by the Vet-VIPPS Program and Google Certified.

Medical Devices :

Google allows the sale of medical devices in the US

HIV Home Tests :

Google only allow certain HIV Home test that are certified by the FDA

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