When importing data, you might encounter issues where certain or all product attributes don’t get updated. Here are the most common issues.

Fetch & Schedule

Make sure there are no connection issues, go to Import Tools > Fetch & Schedule to find out if there are any errors listed above the import button.

Depending on the type of eCommerce platform and the size of your product list, importing data may take up to half an hour, check that the status of importing is not pending.

Update Rules

When importing product data, make sure to enable the update rules. Not enabling the update rules will not allow the application to update attributes.

Import Rules

When using import rules, make sure that you have the rules correctly setup.

Common issues are :

  • Shopify Tags using equals instead of contains
  • The order of the if else rules

Bulk Importing CSV

When importing data form a CSV file, make sure to have the product id’s match the ones that already exist in the application

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