Update Rules In FeedArmy

Login To FeedArmy > Sidebar Menu > Import Tools > Update Rules

Checked Attributes will update based on import rules or default source data

Unchecked attributes will not update.

One of the reasons to use the FeedArmy application is to customize your titles, descriptions, images, etc… For this reason, we have added a function that allows you to update certain fields. For example only update the price, shipping, link, image, and availability. Allowing you to edit all the other fields in FeedArmy without the values being overwritten with a manual or automated update.

FeedArmy Update Rules

Recommend attributes to be enabled

  • additional images
  • availability
  • image
  • link
  • price
  • sale price

Only existing products will use the update rules, new products will have everything imported as defined by the rules or default values.
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