Updated on 17 February, 2023

Shopify URL Shows myshopify.com Instead Of My Domain

If you have URLs that look like https://mystore.myshopify.com, you need to ensure you have set up the correct domain redirect. Below is a detailed tutorial explaining the steps you need to take to update these URL’s

Changing In Shopify

Step 1

Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel

Step 2

Go to Settings > Domains

Shopify Domain Settings

Step 3

In the first section, where you see Set your primary domain, choose the correct domain instead of your myshopify.com domain.

Then enable redirect and click on save.

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Mads Østreng Veland
Mads Østreng Veland
4 years ago

Hi,I can’t change my domain/URL. I am forced to have “mycompanyname.myshopify.com”Is there something I can dp?

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