Google Shopping Price and Availability Requirements
Google Shopping Price and Availability Requirements

When submitting data to Google Shopping, you must ensure that the Price and Availability both match on Google Shopping and your eCommerce website. Google periodically tests your website to match both attributes, if these do not match than temporarily this

Google Shopping Custom Goods
Google Shopping Custom Goods

What are custom goods? A custom good is a product that you have made yourself, in other words, not mass produced. This can be a painting, crafts, clothing or any other hand made product. Products that are made to order

Google Shopping Basic Before Your Start Tips
Google Shopping Basic Before Your Start Tips

Before publishing products to Google Merchant Center, it is important to know the basic requirements. In this article, I will cover a precheck list, talk about the website, and data feed requirements alongside Google Ads tips. Here is a great mind map Click

What Is FeedArmy
What is FeedArmy?

FeedArmy is a tool for eCommerce Merchants whom want to publish there products to Google Shopping. FeedArmy allows you to easily import products via multiple sources, edit all attributes, improve ranking and many more features. A Great Platform Made Simple The main goal

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